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Mad, Snark, and Bitch [entries|friends|calendar]
Eve, Jenn, and Luna!

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hey!!!!!!!!!!!! [20 Nov 2005|09:50pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Hey!! *waves*

Still only dial-up internet access now and then (I refuse to access LJ from my work laptop on the network, no need for the IT geeks to know about the p0rn!) but I'm still alive.

harry_holidays for the SSS fics which need to be in ... uh, I can't remember when but soon. I'd do it but your posts are more memorable *innocent smile* and say something along the lines of promptness is good since i have limited internet access. Also, they need to beta their work since I CANNOT do it for them this year. Seriously, some of last year's entries were woeful :D:D

How are you? School and parents (dad) treating you well? Jenn? Hope you're not working too hard! I miss you guys.

Am at home weekend of 25th November so Evie/Jenn, be online pretty please?

Have I missed anything big at all? Fandom, RL? Not bad here, busy with work and all. Am planning on seeing GoF on wednesday so will squee then!

Grrr. Need to go now. Damn internet. Will talk soon I hope.

S xx

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